Do you know how much data corporations collect from you?

Are you willing to let them know everything about you?

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Did you know that it doesn’t have to be this way?

Blockchain allows you to secure your data and make it yours only. That’s what we want CANDAO to be – the first social media that respects your privacy and puts control back in your hands.

We don’t want to reinvent social media

We don’t want to reinvent social media. We just want to make them a natural environment for each of your personalities. Fully private, fully Blockchain based. Learn more about Paul’s story, he may be more like you than you think.

Meet Paul

We introduce Paul to you.

In the morning when Paul wakes up as a father of two children, cooks them breakfast and drives them to school. His personality is caring, loving and family oriented.

When Paul goes to work, he turns into an amateur race car driver. He is focused, precise and impulsive.

At work he suits-up and becomes an expert in finance. He’s authoritative and professional.

After work, Paul goes to the tennis court and battles his rivals for the Grand Slam trophy. He becomes a fierce athlete who does not accept compromise.

In the evening he meets his wife, the husband’s personality take over and she’s his whole world.


Think about being part of a business that respects your privacy, that doesn’t create your personality profile to share with marketers, but only to provide you with the best quality content tailored to your current needs. Additionally, it wants to „pay” you for your engagement!

Yes, you heard right – pay.

In Candao everyone becomes an influencer who has their own personal tokens based on blockchain and having a specific value depending on the generated engagement and activity. By getting involved in our community you invest in yourself!

People Can – Dao Do

If you would like to learn more about Candao and help us build features we only ask for your name and email – because as promised we don’t want more data!

We will send you our version of the features and tell you how they are developed. We’re interested in your opinion so you can influence the development of Candao yourself.

Almost forgot… we’ll also be sending you tokens!